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Reduce Emissions with Wind Power


We’re Changing the Way Ships Operate

90% of goods worldwide travel by ship, and almost all ships are dependent on fossil fuels. By retrofitting current ships with wind propulsion and optimizing operations we drastically reduce shipping supply chain emissions. 

Cargo Ship at Sea

Emissions Reduction Now

Our technology allows vessels to capitalize on free and readily available wind for propulsion, reducing emissions immediately, without switching fuel, building infrastructure, or slowing down.

Fuel Savings

We reduce emissions by directly reducing fuel consumption. This saves money, extends range, and increases the utilization of existing assets, without requiring costly engine modifications.

Wind Mills


Wind propulsion has come a long way since the age of sail. By combining modern technology with this eco-friendly resource, we’re taking the shipping industry to the next level. Join the movement and help us reach our goals with your products.  


Our commitment to a better, zero-emissions future doesn’t compromise reliability. Get your products to consumers on time and help support a greener world for you and your customers. 

Aloft was founded by Miles and Satchel in 2021 to address the climate crisis by applying their technical expertise in naval architecture, sailing, robotics, and manufacturing. Their shared passion for decarbonization and solving tough problems with simple solutions, made the commercial maritime industry an ideal focus. 




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