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About Us


Miles Keeney-Ritchie

Co-Founder & Head of Company


Miles is a persistent creator, has built mobile autonomous robots, and worked in industrial process automation. He is an expert at integrating technology, with a decade of experience in mechanical design, hardware development, and project management—from large corporations to small start-up ventures.

  • LinkedIn (Miles's Profile)

Satchel Douglas

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering


Satchel is a naval architect and professional engineer. He has built sailing yachts, crewed on oil tankers, and engineered retrofits for numerous commercial ships.


Most recently, Satchel lead systems integration for the largest battery electric ferry in the world. He has also sailed to Alaska on a boat with no engine, twice. 

  • Twitter (Satchel Douglas's profile)
  • LinkedIn (Satchel Douglas's Profile)
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